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About the Film


"KMK  a documentary of Kwame Kilpatrick" is a raw and unprecendented film that explores the life of former mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, while he is in the fight of his life. The film is multidimensional and gives a never before seen view of the polarizing political figure during a 2 year period from his release from state prison to his return to incarceration. The film features Kwame Kilpatick, his wife Carlita Kilpatrick, his lover Christine Beatty, Dick Gregory, pulitzer prize winner M.L. Elrick and many more. 

Directors & Producers

Directors & Producers of the film, Timothy Smith & Tobias Smith are a father and son film making duo who believes in putting the "mission before the money." In 2011, they began filmming kMk a documentary of Kwame Kilpatrick upon Kwame's release from a Michigan state prison. They believe the film is a one of a kind historical account of  the most polarizing political figure of his time. detroit


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